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Outsourcing Your Audo Video Production Needs

Business Partners

AudioFile Solutions is actively seeking conferencing service providers, investor relations firms and advertising agencies who wish to offer audio & video production services to their customers.

Are you a conferencing service provider that would like to offer the highest quality conference call recordings or audio/video production services to your customers? Conference call audio files are the ultimate "value add" to your normal conference call offerings. Outsourcing your audio & video production to AudioFile Solutions is the answer.

Many products/services are a natural outgrowth of conferencing such as CD duplication, digital replays, and fulfillment services. Now, with the popularity of the internet and the need for web communications, audio files are the next outgrowth that have the potential for large profits. A simple CD recording can provide a company $6-20 of profit, but a high quality audio file can provide 10x as much profit.

Our service goes one step further. Our conference recordings are suitable for editing! That's right, no low resolution mp3 files here. Our high resolution audio files meet the need of the customer who wants only the best.

In fact, you can use AFS as your total audio production provider. All of our services can be seamlessly integrated into the products you offer to your customers. Here are some additional reasons why you should use AFS as your total audio production provider.

  • According to a leading research bulletin, companies are looking for "full services" from their conferencing service providers (CSP)*. AFS can help a CSP or investor relations (IR) firm round out its services.
  • Unlike streaming audio companies who automate their workflow, AFS processes audio files manually allowing us to optimize them for better use on the internet and for download.
  • If you already have an "in-house" audio production department, AFS can serve to diversify your infrastructure.
  • AFS focuses on the needs of corporations not the music industry.
  • You will have a healthy margin.

Outsourcing to AudioFile Solutions is the answer.

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*The Wainhouse Research Bulletin, Vol. 4 #2, January 15, 2003

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"Every couple weeks I get on the telephone to conduct an interview with prominent athletes for ESPN the Magazine's "Outtakes" column. This column would suck out loud without the help of AudioFile Solutions."

-Kenny Mayne
ESPN Correspondent