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We offer a rich assortment of conference call services and conference call recording. These include reservationless conference calling and event/operator assisted conferencing.

PGi Partner company logo in Conference Calling Services and Audio ConferencingOur partnership with PGi (Premiere Global Services, Inc.; Stock Symbol: PGI) enables us to deliver their full line of meeting, conferencing and collaboration solutions, and offer you the best pricing. 75% of Fortune 100 companies were PGi customers in 2011.

Reservationless Conference Call

Conference Call Sign Up Now for Conference Calling


If you need a business-class conference call with the best quality and features, this world-class service is for you. Other services cannot compare to our feature set. Online sign up is available for the rate of 4.5 cents/line per minute (including toll-free access). Note: There is no monthly charge if you do not use the service.

PLEASE NOTE: Online sign up is currently unavailable. Please call  877)237-3453 and we will be happy to assist you.

Ease of Use

Audio meetings should be as easy as picking up the phone. ReadyConference Plus comes with a dedicated dial-in number and passcode for unlimited reservationless meetings. With web access features and cost-effective pay-as-you-go usage plans, ReadyConference Plus is the most user-friendly conferencing service on the market.

Web Audio Controls
Quite possibly the most powerful tool available today for managing your audio conference, ReadyConference Plus offers easy-to-use web controls. With a click of a button, you can:


  1. Globally and individually mute participant lines.
  2. Create a subconference.
  3. Lock the call to more participants.
  4. Dial-out to individual attendees.
  5. Adjust volumes.
  6. Disconnect individual lines.


ReadyConference Plus offers a telephone replay of your conference call. It's as easy as pressing *22 before you begin your call ($9.95; subject to change). After you hang up, the system will email you directions on how to access the replay from a telephone. You can distribute this information to anyone who missed the original call. Or, email it to us and we will convert the replay to a MP3 file and/or transcribe the call for you (see price list). This is an incredibly flexible solution for recording interviews, meetings, product roll-outs, seminars and more.

Online Compatibility

Enhance participant audio interactions, upload and show presentations, and more-all from our intuitive web interface. ReadyConference Plus is compatible with GlobalMeet™ web collaboration and PremiereCall event-conferencing products.

PGi Support

Get immediate help via live chat or submit a support ticket online here.

ReadyConference Plus online instruction videos.

Event Conference Call

PremiereCallSM Event

For a more personal touch, including a dedicated operator and advanced features, choose our operator assisted service.

When personal attention matters most, use PremiereCall Event. Dedicated operators will greet and screen up to 3,000 participants at the start of your investor meetings, product seminars, focus groups and press conferences.


Exceptional Support - From Start to Finish

  • Event managers schedule and coordinate meeting details
  • Professional announcers fully monitor and manage entire meeting
  • Technical experts stand by to troubleshoot unexpected issues

Getting Started is Easy

Once you choose a date and time for your meeting, just call an Event Manager at 877-260-9549 to discuss the details and additional features that will enhance your event.

The Big Day

Your Conference Support Specialist will provide:
  • An audio check to ensure clear sound quality prior to your meeting
  • Pre-conference support and private discussion for multiple speakers
  • Custom scripted openings, introductions and closing announcements
  • Muted participant lines
  • Interactive Q&A and polling sessions


After the Event

You'll receive a post-event report that includes event details, along with the participant data you requested.


PremiereCall Event offers many different ways to record your conference-fulfilled by PGi. Or, let us, AudioFile Solutions, record your call live, with the best quality recording available over a standard telephone line. Also, why not consider pre-recording your event. It's not as difficult as it sounds. Pre-recording your presentation keeps you fresh for the Q&A when the big day arrives.


PGi Support

Get immediate help via live chat or submit a support ticket online here.



*ReadyConference Plus - View PDF


  • Toll-Free access
  • Free online audio controls
  • Digital replay
  • Operator help
  • Simple to use; 24/7
  • Cost effective
  • Call Recording is available!***
*PremiereCall Event Conference Call Service


  • Dedicated operator
  • Operator or passcode entry
  • Announcer
  • Large capacity
  • Attendee information capture
  • Electronic Q&A
  • Electronic polling
  • Pre/Post conference
  • Recording available!***
**Optional Services


*Some services are at an additional cost.
**Not available with all conferencing services.
***Highest quality resolution available over standard POTS telephone. Fulfilled through AudioFile Solutions.


PGi and the PGi logo are trademarks of Premiere Global Services, Inc. in the United States and other countries.

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"We conduct conference calls with large audiences and have used AudioFile Solutions to handle all our playback recordings. They have executed each event with complete perfection. They are extremely responsive, professional, and prompt in all interactions. Thank you for making this one area I never have to worry about. Great job Team!"

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