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PGi Partner AudioFile Solutions offers Web Conferencing Services from Premiere GlobalWe offer web conferencing services and full-service web recording. Our partnership with PGi (formally Premiere Global Services, Inc.; Stock Symbol: PGI) allows us to deliver a full line of meeting and collaboration solutions, and offer you the best possible prices.  As of 2011, 75% of the Fortune 100 companies are PGi customers.

We offer PGI's own GlobalMeet™ product, WebEx™ conferencing, Adobe® Connect™, and Microsoft Live Meeting web conferencing.  Call us for current pricing.

GlobalMeet™ by PGi

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PGi's GlobalMeet web conferencing product makes hosting an event, making a sales pitch or reaching out to employees easier than ever. Easy-to-use, Microsoft Outlook tools make scheduling and joining web conferences quick and simple.

  • Enjoy simple, painless meetings for just $39/month.
  • Schedule conferences with the Microsoft Outlook toolbar.
  • 1000 toll audio minutes included.
  • Toll-free and international access numbers.


MSN Business Wire, May 22, 2007: "Scaled for small and medium sized businesses and containing robust collaboration features, Premiere Global's [GlobalMeet] remains one of the most cost-effective Web conferencing options in the marketplace," commented Marc Beattie, Senior Analyst at Wainhouse Research.

GlobalMeet Tools

  • Integrated audio and web
  • Control individual callers audio
  • Share live video via webcam
  • Desktop and document sharing
  • Automated dial-out capability
  • Attendee mood indicators
  • Live help via chat
  • Easy, free self branding

PGi Support

Get immediate help via live chat or submit a support ticket online here.

ReadyCast® powered by WebEx™

Netspoke by PGi Premiere Global Services

ReadyCast® powered by WebEx™ is an easy-to-use web conferencing solution powered by Cisco WebEx Meeting Center and gives you the power to interact with colleagues and clients around the world. With state-of-the-art Cisco WebEx software, ReadyCast web conferencing provides all the tools you need to meet with up to 125 participants-right from your desktop.


ReadyCast is ideal for medium to large interactive meetings such as:

  • Ad campaign rollouts
  • New product launches
  • Project meetings
  • Legal evidence sharing
  • Strategic planning sessions
  • Collaborating with team members
  • Training employees
  • Communicating with external audiences
  • Making client presentations in real time

With the ability to add visual presentations, conduct slide shows and share applications, ReadyCast makes it easy to get immediate feedback and exchange ideas with your audiences.

ReadyCast features that customers like most include:

  • No advance scheduling required
  • Easy sharing of visuals and collaboration
  • Ability to demonstrate software applications
  • Whiteboard feature for brainstorms
  • Web tours for reviewing websites and online information
  • You can even integrate ReadyConference® Plus audio capability.

Watch a video to see how ReadyConference Plus integrates seamlessly with ReadyCast.

"WebEx has increased our productivity and become the de facto online meeting standard. We average 4,000 meetings a month, many of which would have required travel."
- Rich Nielson, Sr. IT Engineer, Agilent Technologies

PGi Support

Get immediate help via live chat or submit a support ticket online here.


* General Web Conferencing Features (supported by most platforms)
  • Desktop sharing
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Document sharing
  • File transfer
  • Whiteboarding
  • Chat
  • Polling
**Optional Services

*Some services are at an additional cost.
**Not available with all conferencing services.


PGi and the PGi logo are trademarks of Premiere Global Services, Inc. in the United States and other countries.

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