Conference Call Pricing and costs
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Audio Conferencing


  • 4.5 cents/line per minute

PremiereCallSM Event:

  • Please call

Telephone Recording

Conference Call Recording:

  • Volume discounts starting at two recordings per week
  • $75 (up to 1hr in length w/quality check)
  • $150 (1-2hrs in length w/quality check)
  • $35 (additional file type/same program)

Audio / Video Editing

Audio Editing

  • $75/hr (3-5 business day turn-around)
  • $150/hr (under 3 business day turn-around)

Video Editing

  • $100/hr (5 business day turn-around after media is received "in-house")

Transcription Services**

  • $1.98/min (3 business day turnaround)
  • $3.50/min (1 business day turnaround - based on availability)

Format Conversion Services

  • $25/hr (time spent; $50 minimum charge)
  • $10/ea for CD
  • $15/ea for DVD
  • $25/ea DVD menu


Live Capture*

  • $90 and up (price dependent upon length of program)
  • $35 (additional file type/same program)

Convert Static Presentation*

  • $35 and up (price dependent upon length of program)
  • $35 (additional file type/same program)


*Output is Mpeg-2, Windows Media, Real Media, QuickTime, Flash. Audio recording isn't included.
**Deadline for request is 3pm MST/5pm EST.

Conference Call Costs and Pricing

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"Every couple weeks I get on the telephone to conduct an interview with prominent athletes for ESPN the Magazine's "Outtakes" column. This column would suck out loud without the help of AudioFile Solutions."

-Kenny Mayne
ESPN Correspondent