Audio and Video Editing and Voice Over talent in Denver & Colorado Springs, Colorado.
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Audio/Video & Podcast Editing

Our Most Popular Editing Services

  1. Audio Editing - Remove ahs, ums, and general mistakes, edit podcast productions to different lengths, reduce noise in conference calls.
  2. Video Editing - Convert video files to different formats, add titling, synchronize with PowerPoint®.
  3. PowerPoint Synchronized with Audio - Convert your PowerPoint slides to video, DVD, or interactive video.
  4. Audio File Conversion (MP3, Wave, Windows Media, Real Media) - Make your presentation into a streaming or downloadable audio file for the Internet.
  5. DVD/CD Authoring & Pre-Mastering - Our professional engineer will master your disc to exact specifications.
  6. Professional Voiceover Talent - Need a professional voiceover artist to announce your podcast?


Audio Editing

Audio Editing Podcast Recording Studio in Denver and Colorado Springs Colorado Our audio editing services are especially suited for today's podcast productions and radio spots. We have been editing audio digitally for over 15 years. Our editor will fix any mistakes you might make in recording your presentation. Need to record the same thing twice, three times, or more? No problem. We will take the best of these, and remove any ahs, ums or stumbles so that you sound your best. Have some special music you'd like in your production? Want a top quality, professional voiceover artist to introduce your presentation? We do all of this and more.


Video Editing

Audio and Video Editing in Denver and Colorado Springs Video editing is technically too difficult for most companies to handle in-house. Dealing with all the formats, frame rates, and bit rates can be overwhelming. Let us edit your presentation professionally. We can add titling, picture-in-picture, documents, PowerPoint and just about anything else to your video to make the best video presentation possible.

Editing is done in the digital domain using the highest quality workstations available. We work with you to edit the video to your specifications. We edit all types of video-from educational programs to corporate events.


DVD/CD Authoring Pre-Mastering

CD and DVD duplication company in Denver and Colorado Springs Our DVD-Video authoring services include menu design, NTSC and PAL formats, interlaced and progressive, standard and widescreen, PCM and Dolby Digital audio.

CD Authoring requires strict adherence to the Red Book standard or a replicator will reject the master-delaying the process until they receive a correctly authored master. We author the CD master correctly the first time.


Voiceover Services

Voice Over talent and professional editing services in Denver and Colorado Springs When producing a podcast, radio show or CD you spend a lot of money getting the details just right. One thing often overlooked is a professional host to open and close your production. Better yet, why not leverage your host and use his or her talents throughout the event? This lends a credibility to your project that you can't get any other way. There are many other ways to use our professional voiceover talent. Here are a few.
  • As a host or moderator of your conference call or podcast.
  • To open and close your radio spot, commercial, or church sermon.
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) prompts for your corporate phone system.
  • Narrate a corporate video.
  • On-Hold announcements for your corporate phone system.


Our voiceover talent is experienced in professional radio, news reporting, teleconferencing, multimedia production, video narration, IVR prompts, church productions and more.

Contact us for more ideas on how you can use our professional voiceover talent.

Church Editing Services

Audio editing and voice over recording studio in Colorado Springs and Denver Most churches use volunteers to run their audio operations. While this may work well for recording Sunday morning worship service, it can pose a problem when preparing that audio for professional mediums like radio, CD production or the web.

Radio stations run their broadcast through a host of analog and digital signal processors before the audio actually hits the "air". In order for your program to be broadcast properly, it must be prepared beforehand with radio broadcast "in mind". In addition, we can add a professional host to your sermon giving it a "finished" quality that is essential in today's radio broadcast environment.

CD Production can pose its own set of problems. In order for a master CD to be suitable for mass replication it must conform to Red Book standards and meet the requirements of the replicator. If it doesn't, the replicator will reject the master, delaying the process until they receive a correctly authored master. We know how to create your master CD right the first time.

Preparing digital audio for the web is another area we can help your church. Authoring files for the web is unlike any other task because the Internet poses some specific problems for audio. Because many people are still using a slow Internet connection, streaming audio to their PC requires a file to be encoded at the appropriate bit rate. Also, because most people listen to streaming Internet audio on computer speakers costing less that $50, the audio must sound good or they are sure to turn it off and move to another website where they can have a better experience.

We take all of these considerations, and more, into account when we prepare your audio files. You can be confident that you are receiving the best product possible.

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